Sunday April 28th some of the best local and international digital media talent will descend on Qualicum Beach.  The day long symposium and conference will show case speakers from TV/Film, Video Games, Animation, Digital Comics and Mobile.

Our keynote speaker is the legendary SYD MEAD.  Syd’s design has been seen in movies like Aliens, Tron, Blade Runner, Star Trek and a whole lot more.  This will be his first trip to the island and we are honored to have him here.

Some of our others speakers include:

  •  Game Director, Raphael van Lierop — HELM Studio — Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine, Far Cry 3, Company of Heroes, Dawn of War, Game of Thrones: Seven Kingdoms, Enemy Front, Earth No More
  • Programmer, Conan Reis – Agog Labs – Star Wars:Bounty Hunter, Sleeping Dogs (Square Enix Inc.)
  • Studio Head, Robert Fell – 4T2 – (Parksville) – 4T2 develop branded entertainment for LEGO and the BBC.
  • Audio Designer, Michael Sokryka – Independant – Castlevania, Contra, Altered Beast, EA Sports.

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